Hypostyl und Nebenräume (D 9 und 11)(Object ID 37O2RDKYVZF2TNNE3PZ3I2UC54)

Persistent ID: 37O2RDKYVZF2TNNE3PZ3I2UC54
Persistent URL: https://thesaurus-linguae-aegyptiae.de/object/37O2RDKYVZF2TNNE3PZ3I2UC54

Data type: Object part

Object type: Tempel

Components: Raum

  • Finding place

    • Dendara
      Certainty: certain
      Is the original place of use: Yes

Current location

  • Dendara
    Inventory no(s).:
    Is in situ: Yes


  • – F. Daumas, Le temple de Dendara, Bd 9 (Texte + Planches), Le Caire 1987 [*H, *L]
  • – S. Cauville, Dendara, Bd 11 (Texte + Planches), Le Caire 2000 [*L, *H]

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Author(s): Peter Dils
Data file created: 08/05/2019, latest revision: 10/20/2022
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